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  • Stekolshchik, R. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    We introduce the equivalence relation ρ on the set of Carter diagrams and construct an explicit transformation of any Carter diagram containing l-cycles with l > 4 to an equivalent Carter diagram containing only 4-cycles. ...
  • Futorny, V.; Schwarz, J. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    In this survey we discuss the theory of Galois rings and orders developed in by Sergey Ovsienko and the first author. This concept allows to unify the representation theories of Generalized Weyl Algebras and of the ...
  • Bondarenko, V.M.; Stoika, M.V. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    We study representations of the group of order 2 over local factorial rings of characteristic not 2 with residue field of characteristic 2. The main results are related to a sufficient condition of wildness of groups.
  • Kashuba, I.; Ovsienko, S.; Shestakov, I. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    A finite dimensional Jordan algebra J over a field k is called basic if the quotient algebra J/ Rad J is isomorphic to a direct sum of copies of k. We describe all basic Jordan algebras J with (Rad J) 2 = 0 of finite and ...
  • Drozd, Y.; Golovashchuk, N.; Zembyk, V. (2017)
    We define representation types of nodal algebras of type E.

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