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  • Chandra, S.; Prakash, O.; Suthar, S. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2018)
    Let Zn be the finite commutative ring of residue classes modulo n with identity and Γ(Zn) be its zero-divisor graph. In this paper, we investigate some properties of nilradical graph, denoted by N(Zn) and non-nilradical ...
  • Darani, A.Y.; Rahmatinia, M. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce some new classes of modules which is closely related to the classes of sharp modules, pseudo-Dedekind modules and T V -modules. In this paper we introduce the concepts of ...
  • Kala, R.; Mallika, A.; Selvakumar, K. (2017)
    For a commutative ring R and an ideal I of R, the ideal-based zero-divisor graph is the undirected graph ΓI (R) with vertices {x ∈ R−I : xy ∈ I for some y ∈ R−I}, where distinct vertices x and y are adjacent if and only ...
  • S. V. S. R., Raju (2017)
    A subset D of the vertex set of a connected graph G is called a total global neighbourhood dominating set(tgnd-set) of G if and only if D is a total dominating set of G as well as GN , where GN is the neighbourhood graph ...
  • Farsad, F.; Madanshekaf, A. (ДЗ "Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    Let S be a pomonoid. In this paper, Pos-S, the category of S-posets and S-poset maps, is considered. One of the main aims of this paper is to draw attention to the notion of weak factorization systems in Pos-S. We show ...

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