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  • Feigelstock, Shalom (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2003-03-03)
  • Patel, S. K.; Shrimali, N. P. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2018)
    We have introduced the concept of neighborhood- prime labeling and investigated it for paths, cycles, wheels and union of such graphs earlier. In this paper, we construct neighborhood- prime labelings for graphs that ...
  • Ishchuk, A. A. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2018-04)
    У статті йдеться про проблему використання невербальних засобів спілкування у діловому дискурсі в рамках глобального суспільства. Елобалізація створює новий лінгвістичний та культурний контекст, який впливає на поведінку ...
  • Kotenko, M. V.; Shtanhret, A. Z. (ДЗ "Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка", 2021)
    The article attempts to investigate the peculiarities of using of occasionalisms in the language of advertising. A thorough analysis of selected occasionalisms was performed on the level of phonetics, semantics and syntax. ...
  • Reznykov, I. I. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2003)
  • Das, P.K.; Singh, K.R. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2018)
    Abstract . A graph G is called a graphoidal graph if there exists a graph H and a graphoidal cover ψ of H such that G ∼= Ω(H, ψ). Then the graph G is said to be self-graphoidal if it is isomorphic to one of its graphoidal ...
  • Ustimenko, Vasyl A. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2003-08-05)
  • Imani, A .; Mehdipoor, N.; Talebi, A. A. (2018)
    A graph is s-regular if its automorphism group acts regularly on the set of s-arcs. In this paper, by applying concept linear algebra, we classify the connected cubic s-regular graphs of order 28p for each s > 1, and prime p.
  • Shestakov, Ivan; Zhukavets, Natalia (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2004)
  • Marini, Alberto; Shcherbacov, Victor (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2004)
    In this article we study structure of autotopies, automorphisms, autotopy groups and automorphism groups of n- ary linear quasigroups. We find a connection between automorphism groups of some special kinds of n-ary ...
  • Belyaev, Vladimir N. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2005)
    Conditions for classes F1, F0 of non-decreasing total one-place arithmetic functions to define reducibility m [R1 R0 ] {(A,B)|A,B N & (9 r.f. h)(9f1 2 F1)(9f0 2 F0) [A h m B & f0 E h E f1]} where k E l means that ...
  • Tizziotti, G.; Villanueva, j. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2019)
    This paper is about sparse numerical semigroups and applications in the Weierstrass semigroups theory. We describe and find the genus of certain families of sparse numerical semigroups with Frobenius number even and we ...
  • Andrade, M. G. C.; Gazon, A. B.; Lima, A. F. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2018)
    Let G be a group, S = {Si , i ∈ I} a non empty family of (not necessarily distinct) subgroups of infinite index in G and M a Z2G-module. In [4] the authors defined a homological invariant E∗(G, S, M), which is ...
  • Belyavskaya, G. B. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2003-04-23)
  • Bhat, M. A.; Naikoo, T. A.; Pirzada, S. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2019)
    The set of distinct eigenvalues of a signed digraph S together with their respective multiplicities is called its spectrum. Two signed digraphs of same order are said to be cospectral if they have the same spectrum. In ...
  • Jushenko, Ekaterina (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2004)
    In this paper we study affine Coxeter groups. We show how to construct decompositions of the investigated groups into semi-direct products. We use this to give the complete list of irreducible representations of affine ...
  • Kozerenko, S. (ДЗ "ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченка", 2017)
    Given a pair (X, σ) consisting of a finite tree X and its vertex self-map σ one can construct the corresponding Markov graph Γ(X, σ) which is a digraph that encodes σ-covering relation between edges in X. M-graphs are ...
  • Bondarenko, Vitalij M. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 29-09-23)
  • Chapovsky, E.; Shevchyk, O. (ДЗ"ЛНУ імені Тараса Шевченко", 2017)
    Let K be an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero and A a field of algebraic functions in n variables over K. (i.e. A is a finite dimensional algebraic extension of the field K(x1, . . . , xn) ). If D is a ...
  • Kashu, A. I. (Луганский национальный университет им. Т. Шевченко, 2003-06-04)

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